New to A.A.?

This is A.AThis is A.A.
Consider your drinking carefully in the light of what you may learn from these pages. Determine, for
yourself, whether or not alcohol has truly become a problem for you.
Is A.A. For You?Is A.A. For You?
Twelve questions only you can answer. Only you can decide whether you want to give A.A. a try – whether you
think it can help you.
Questions & Answers on Sponsorship
Q & A on Sponsorship

The process of matching newcomer and sponsor is as informal as everything else in A.A. Often, the new person
simply approaches a more experienced member who seems compatible, and asks that member to be a sponsor.

A.A. Fact File
A.A. Fact File

This pamphlet has been prepared to help provide basic informational material on the A.A. Fellowship, and in
response to requests for data in a format suitable for filing and ready reference.
A.A. for the Woman
A.A. For the WOman

If you think you have a drinking problem – if you suspect that drinking may be one of your problems – then
you will read in this pamphlet the stories of women who once thought and felt as you do.
It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell
It sure beats sitting in a cell
We kept getting sent back to jail or prison, or reformatory, or work farm, time after time. We figured we
must be doing something wrong. Maybe drinking had something to do with it.
The Twelve Steps Illustrated
Twelve Steps Illustrated

The heart of the suggested program of personal recovery is contained in Twelve Steps describing the
experience of the earliest members of the Society.
The AA member-Medications & other Drugs
A.A. Members on Medications and Other Drugs

Some A.A. members have misused drugs, often as a substitute for alcohol, in such a manner as to become a
threat to the achievement and maintenance of sobriety. These incidents have caused all A.A. members to be
concerned with what is popularly known as the “pill problem.”
Is There An Alcoholic In Your Life?
Is there an Alcoholic in your Life?

If someone you love has a drinking problem, this booklet will provide you with facts about a simple program
of recovery. Through its help, over a million people who once drank too much are now living comfortable and
productive lives without alcohol.

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