Frequently Asked Questions about the Orange County A.A. website.

Why does Orange County A.A. need a website? Public information has always been a valuble aspect of AA service ever since the Big Book was first published in 1939. A website continues this tradition, employing the most modern methods of communication. In the same fashion that A.A. started to become listed in telephone books in it’s early years, it is most important that A.A. keeps up with the ever changing world. This is another way of carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the alcoholic who still suffers by providing links to Alcoholics Anonymous Conference Approved Literature and supplying a meeting list to help get them on their way as well as increasing service participation at the county and area level, in turn, strengthening A.A. unity.

How much does the Orange County A.A. website cost? Who funds it?

The costs that are involved are for reserving the domain name (www.orangenyaa.org), which costs $30 to $40 for one year, and for hosting the site, which costs about $150 a year, depending on the capabilities of the website. However, there could be expenses for software tools that may be needed to help design the site and to keep up with newer technology. Designing websites can be very costly. The Website Committee designs and maintains the website in the spirit of The Twelfth Step of Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. members are best to be used to facilitate this information. This also saves a lot of money. Its funding comes from local A.A. groups that contribute funds to Orange County Intergroup.

Who chooses the content for the Orange County A.A. website? What about in keeping with The Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous?

The Orange County A.A.Intergroup Website Committee chooses the content.

Being on the worldwide web is a Twelve Traditions sensitive arena. The Website Committee is experienced in and committed to doing whatever research necessary to assure that The Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous are not breached when entering the public domain. This includes but is not limited to: contacting the General Service Office, other active A.A. Webmasters and studying whatever Alcoholics Anonymous Conference Approved Literature on Public Information that is available.

What is a Webmaster?

The terminology “Webmaster” refers to a person who maintains a website. It is a standard name used in the website development industry.

Will the Orange County A.A. website be in both English and Spanish?

Ultimately, the website will be accessible to Spanish-speaking members of AA, but it may take some time before we can fully accomplish this.

Can I visit the Orange County A.A. website from my office? Will I break my anonymity if I do?

You can visit the Orange County website from almost any computer that is connected to the Internet. However, if you do so from your office computer, chances are that your employer will have a record that you’ve visited the site.

Will I be able to go directly from the Orange County website to other websites? Will I end up at non-AA sites?

The only websites you can go to from the Orange County website are the G.S.O., A.A. Grapevine & other Intergroup & Area approved A.A. websites.

If people can get to AA on the Internet, why will they bother going to meetings?

Just as the telephone and the printed page haven’t replaced meetings, neither will the Internet. Although technology can improve communication methods, nothing can match face-to-face contact. This website is dedicated to encourage the newcomer to attend the nearest A.A. meeting. Also, there are those with special needs who simply cannot easily attend regular face-to-face meetings.

If you have questions about the Orange County A.A. website, please contact us.

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