Website Policy

Website Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the website is to provide general information about Alcoholics Anonymous in Orange County NY. The purpose of this information is to facilitate the face-to-face meetings of still suffering alcoholics with those in recovery and to provide information and resources for alcoholics and the general public about Alcoholics Anonymous in Orange County.

Additionally, but not limited to:

To provide accurate and consistent information about Alcoholics Anonymous, the content is primarily drawn from existing A.A. literature,”No exceptions”

The Orange County Intergroup Website Committee generates the content for the Web site, guided by the following:

Orange County Intergroup reserves the right to intervene if it thinks the above guide is not being followed.

To encourage participation of services and activities to members and groups in Orange County A.A.

To provide pages for existing A.A service committees in Orange County for the purpose of servicing and educating the group’s and its members.

To provide contact information to all who seek it.

To provide contact information for Members to A.A. Service Committees in Orange County.

To provide a page that links to upcoming events and meeting lists on other Intergroup & Area approved A.A. websites as long as:

  1. They do not provide links to non Intergroup & Area approved A.A. websites.
  2. They do not sell non Alcoholics Anonymous Conference Approved Literature & Other Items.
  3. They do not promote Fund raising, or any kind of for-profit event’s.
  4. The General Service Office, A.A. Grapevine & other Intergroup & Area approved A.A. websites that sell Alcoholics Anonymous Conference Approved Literature, Meeting Books, Intergroup and Area approved A.A. Newsletters & Tickets for Intergroup & Area approved A.A. functions for the purpose of servicing A.A. Groups & Members is exempt to item #2 provided they do not fall under the other categories listed above. The event must fall with in the framework of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“No exceptions” Click here for guidelines from the General Service Office of AA.

Orange County intergroup shall follow the same guide for its upcoming events page and the entire website.

Current Policy is subject to review and revision.

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